I hate myself

I know I shouldn't think of think, but I kinda hate myself right now. Like... "Hello!? Why you behave like this?" "The world did not owe you, the people around you did not owe you! Behave yourself!" "What attitude are you showing to others? huh!? Calm your tits!" But shit, I can't! I just can't... Continue Reading →



There are so so so much things need to settle but OMG I need sleep! Seems like after CNY, my life was messed up. It is so hard for me to catch up everything that I left behind. All the assignment are dragging day by day. BUT! yea, I know it's my time management problem...spend too much time on trivial... Continue Reading →


I hate it so much when I thought we have something, but in the end, it's just nothing. Am I really that over thinking? Or am I just feeling too good on everything that happened? I'm kind of jealous the relationship between you and me, and you and her. But on what point should I be jealous... Continue Reading →

I’m not drunk, I’m just miss you

There is someone who used to talk to you, send some random messages, saying Goodnight before sleep. But, out of a sudden, you guys do not talk anymore, and that's very heart breaking. You thought it's your fault, you try to look back what you said that caused this awkwardness; you tend to send a... Continue Reading →

How’s life

Yup, my current life was miserable, like fxck: assignment, presentation, midterm, quiz, events, internship, friendship, relationship(?!)... and the worse part is, I always messed up everything, as usual. I have that 'smart' look that always make people feel that I'm smart, but hell ya' you guys are wrong! Totally WRONG! I'm just a normal lazy... Continue Reading →

Mr Z

So, this fella, bump into my life with a sudden... And it's hitting me kind of hard. I never thought of that. We just met for two times, we rarely speak, and we just connect each other through social media. I don't really know him and it's will never ever ever be the relationship that... Continue Reading →

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